I want people to hear my poetry and
weep, scream, disappear, start bleeding,
eat their television sets, beat each other to death with
swords and
go out and get riotously drunk on
someone else’s money.
this aint no party
this aint no disco
this aint no foolin a
grab-bag of clever wordplay and sensitive thoughts and
gracious theories about
how many ambiguities can dance on the head of a
machine gun
this aint no
genteel evening over
cappuccino and bullshit
this aint no life-affirming
our days have meaning
as we watch the flowers breathe through our souls and
fall desperately in love
it is a carnival of dread
it is a savage sideshow
about to move to the main arena
it is terror and wild beauty
walking hand in hand down a bombed-out road
as missiles scream, while a
sky the color of arterial blood
blinks on and off
like the lights on Broadway
after the last junkie’s dead of AIDS.
I come not to bury poetry
but to blow it up
not to dandle it on my knee
like a retarded child with
beautiful eyes
throw it off a cliff into
icy seas and
see if the motherfucker can
swim for its life
because love is an excellent thing
surely we need it
but, my friends,
there is so much to hate these days
that hatred is just love with a chip on its shoulder
a chip as big as the Ritz
and heavier than
all the bills i’ll never pay,
because they’re after us.
they’re selling radioactive charm bracelets
and breakfast cereals that
lower your IQ by 50 points per mouthful
we got politicians who think
starting World War III
would be a good career move
we got beautiful women
with eyes like wet stones
peering out at us from the pages of
glossy magazines
promising that they’ll
fuck us till we shoot blood,
if we’ll just buy one of these beautiful switchblade knives…
i’ve got mine
david lerner - mein kampf (via fnoboqbl)





so netflix can update its look but it can’t can’t update its tv shows & movies….

let netflix live, you know how these legalities and lawsuits be 

Nah! They always remove the stuff that people actually want to watch and replace it with trash no one cares about f*ck netflix *even tho I still have an account*

truuuuuuuuu, but at least they gave us orange is the new black rite






It’s officially gone too far now.

OH MY GO! this has to stop now…not now but right #NOW!!!

is this fucking serious